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Clinically Integrated Networks, ACOs, and Population Health Alliances

Population Health Management, Strategy and Leadership, Clinically Integrated Networks, ACOs, and Population Health Allia... /

Moving from Volume to Value: The Time for Change is at Hand

Organizations that begin to incorporate strategies around the “value proposition” will be in the best position to meet industry demands for value-based reimbursement.

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On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, CMS announced a new Accountable Care Organization (“ACO”) model through its Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation ("CMMI").

CMS is following up with an expansion to the Medicare Pioneer ACO program that was launched in 2012.

The shift from volume to value in healthcare will pick up steam in 2015. The question for hospital leaders is not whether to embrace change, but how quickly.

Clinical integration and accountable care organizations (ACOs) are two sides of the same coin. Clinical integration is the process – or the “way” – and an ACO is an enabling structure as well as a specific contracting model for a group of providers.

At GE Healthcare Camden Group, wehelp you define the “why, how, and what” needed to become clinically integrated and the appropriate structure to support integration.

More About Our Approach

A rural hospital wanted transform howit delivers care to promote greater value and outcomes and sought to build a clinically integrated network, includingcreating a roadmap for an analytics solutionto aggregate data from numerous EMRs.

A non-profit health system moved to population health management by first aligning physicians by forming and IPA and then designing and implementing a system-wide population health management program, including bundled payments.

A non-profit health system sought to develop a regionally–focused clinically integrated network to better align with its medical staff and other regional providers in order to continue to meet the needs of the region, respond to industry changes and new delivery models, and attain high standards for the care it provides.


More Insights

A PHSO can serve as the operations backbone through which providers might develop and deploy new program resources meeting the needs of its patient population.

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The Climate Reality Project
Road to 100 - Part 1
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Renewable Electricity Roadmap


With climate change threatening our planet and our way of life, mountain communities and winter sports businesses worldwide are taking action and becoming to renewable electricity. Join us and join the movement that’s saving the season and snow we love.

Climate Change: The New Reality

If you dream of powder turns, work in the winter-sports industry, or live in a mountain town, you don’t need to watch the news to see the reality of climate change. Many days, you just need a quick look at the snow report or the company balance sheet. Sometimes all it takes is a glance out the window.

With 15 of the 16 hottest years on record coming this century and snow becoming scarcer and less predictable in many places around the world, it’s clear our climate is changing. And with low snowfall years costing ski resorts and companies an estimated $1 billion in potential revenue and at least 13,000 American jobs from 1999—2010 alone, as well as costing farms precious water, it’s clear what climate change could mean for the snow that fuels our dreams and feeds our families.

We used to ask what’s happening to our climate. Today, it’s time to ask what we can do about it.

The Future Is Renewable:

Today, the good news is that businesses, governments, and communities of all sizes that love the cold are taking their future into their own hands. They’re moving away from the dirty fossil fuels driving climate change and committing to shift to 100-percent clean, renewable electricity. They’re committing to working for a safe, sustainable, and prosperous future for our planet – and they’re committing to doing their part.

You can too. Join Climate Reality’s I AM PRO SNOW program and campaign and pledge to helping your business, resort, or community shift to 100-percent clean electricity.

Making the shift to 100-percent renewable electricity is easier than you think, and we’re here to help show you how. Plus, along with cutting dangerous greenhouse gas emissions and protecting the places and seasons we love, switching to clean electricity from sources like wind and solar has a host of other benefits.




City of Aspen: For years, Aspen, Colorado has been known for the cultural events, food, music and more that call the city home. Now, add renewable energy to that list.

In 2015, Aspen made a complete transition to 100-percent renewable electricity. The city of over 6,600 accomplished this feat through a combination of a bond-funded hydropower project, power purchase agreements for wind and hydropower, and smaller amounts of energy from solar and landfill gas. Aspen officials reported that they’ve already seen the benefits in the form of “reductions in [greenhouse gas] emissions, low and stable electricity rates for our customers, and setting an example for other communities to follow suit and do right by the environment.”

Step One: Commit 100%
Step up to the plate:

This type of coast usually occurs in relation to shorelines out to small bodies of water, for example fjords, estuaries and lagoons with typical dimensions of less than 10 km and micro to moderate tidal regimes.

However, such shores can also occur out to larger bodies of water if one or more of the following conditions are fulfilled:

The sheltered shore will normally not erode, but it can be exposed to flooding . Sheltered shores will normally be of poor recreational value, but are often of great environmental value.

Fig.5. Tidal flat shore, the Danish Wadden Sea.

Tidal flat shores are characterised by a very wide and mildly sloping foreshore, the so-called tidal flats, see illustration Fig.5. This type of coastal profile develops when tidal processes dominate over wave processes. As a rule of thumb Leather Statement Clutch Grey Waves by VIDA VIDA Online Shop From China With Mastercard Cheap Price q2OuQPPU7
will develop when the parameter [math]RTR[/math] is large (20 or more). Tidal flats often occur for combined macro-tidal and macro-surge conditions. Negative correlation between storm surge and wave conditions may lead to the formation of a very flat shoreface similar to a tidal flat. The width and character of the Foldaway Tote Souls by VIDA VIDA Outlet Where To Buy The Cheapest Clearance Sneakernews Discount For Sale Online Cheap Online JtLB8
of a tidal flat mainly depends on storm surge conditions and the general geology and morphology of the area. If the coast is low, it will often be exposed to flooding during combined high tide and storm surge. In this case the hinterland is usually protected by sea defences, such as dikes. If the coast is high, often a sandy backshore is present and the shore is backed by cliffs.

Tidal flat shores are most frequently found in relation to moderately exposed to sheltered conditions combined with non-tropical climates. Under tropical conditions, the tidal flat will often be vegetated by Leather Statement Clutch blossom v by VIDA VIDA Low Shipping Fee Sale Online Clearance Best Store To Get Good Selling Online Low Price Fee Shipping With Credit Card 0EgoHM1Xb
, which changes the character of the tidal flat (see #Muddy mangrove shore ).

Under sheltered conditions, such as in Star Nightingale holdall Black Givenchy Free Shipping Limited Edition Clearance Cheap Online Cheap Sale Great Deals Cheap Sale Real grFiZNMiZ
, tidal flats will often consist of fine sand and , whereas under more exposed conditions, the tidal flat mainly consists of sand. However, many variations of tidal flat shores exist; the specific characteristics strongly depend on the type and amount of sediments supplied from nearby rivers.

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transport processes on tidal flats are complicated as they are influenced both by tidal currents and by waves. This means that there are considerable longshore as well as cross-shore transport processes. Furthermore, tidal flats are cut by tidal channels and creeks of different dimensions. Both non-cohesive as well as Top Handle Handbag Red Patent 2017 one size Vivienne Westwood Discount Big Discount m03ymty9
are often involved in the transport processes, as well as numerous biotic processes, which further complicates the dynamics.

You ponder what this matter has taught you about the nature of categorization: what kind of structure does a population of entities need to exhibit in order for an efficient cognitive architecture to find it profitable to reify it as a distinct category of entity? (This job is so boring that you need to do philosophy of cognitive science to keep your mind occupied while you sort.)

After some thought, you conjecture that it probably has something to do with having cheap-to-detect features that correlate with more-expensive-to-detect features that are decision-relevant with respect to the agent's goals—

A few (non-adapted) bleggs are purple rather than blue, but are very nearly like ordinary bleggs in all other aspects, so it feels more intuitive to think of them as oddly-colored bleggs rather than their own category of object: their easily-observed deviant color doesn't let you make significant inferences about anything you care about. (While "only" 95% of purple bleggs contain vanadium ore, as compared to 98% of standard-color bleggs, the three percentage-points difference doesn't seem like a big deal.)

Likewise, 2% of otherwise-entirely-ordinary bleggs contain palladium, but you have no way of knowing this without taking them to the sorting scanner (which is finicky to start up and takes a minute to run): their metal content is of great practical interest, but seems like a rare, unpredictable fluke, unrelated to any other feature that you might hope to use to distinguish a new category of sortable object.

In contrast, adapted bleggs are both easily identifiable and the difference matters to your decisionmaking: a distinction that makes a difference, something your brain wants to have an efficient representation so that you can attend to it.

You're pleased with the iota of philosophical progress you seem to have made, and will be sure to be on the lookout for more applications of it.

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, epistemic horror

It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,  For fear they should succumb and go astray; So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,  You will find it better policy to say:—

"We never pay any one Dane-geld,  No matter how trifling the cost; For the end of that game is oppression and shame,  And the nation that pays it is lost!"

"Dane-Geld" by Rudyard Kipling

There's this slogan meant to illustrate a principle in game theory: "We don't negotiate with terrorists." Imagine you're a political leader and terrorists have taken some of your citizens hostage and promise to release them if you meet their demands. You should refuse the deal, the argument goes, no matter how much you desperately want your people back safe, because agreeing would create an incentive for the terrorists to take more hostages: if you're the kind of agent that pays ransoms, blackmailing you is a reliable profit opportunity.


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